Wingate´s Greatest for Acro " Grejsi"
*6.3.1999                                         Import USA                   CMKU/SHI 2453/99/99/00          

foto 5,5 mìsícù - foto 5,5monts


T.C. Terrific

CH. Wingate´s

 Tom Terrific

Ch. Tu Chu Munchkintown Art Deco CH.Regal´s Dr Dolitte
Ch.Tu Chu´s Reached The Limit
Wingate´s A Star is Born Dragonfall´s Air Foil
Ch. Loubren Pretti Sassy of Toma
Live Oak´s

Too Much Th´Bubbli

CH.Wingate´s Dubbli Bubbli Ch.Tu Chu´s Skyœ The Limit Je
Ch.Wingate´s Never So Bubbli
Starfire´s Miss Behavin´ Ch.Dragonfireœ Shooting Star
Ch.Karyon Devilœ Burning Desire
CH. Wingate´s

 Explosive Darling


Happy Camper

CH.Wingate´s Never Say Dare Ch.Wingate´s Never Say Dye
Ch.Wingate´s Come Dance With Me
Rustinwood´s Bearly There Nanking´s The Butler Dio It
Wenrick´s Care Bear
CH. Wingate´s
Never Say Blush
Ch.Wingate´s Never Say Dye Ch.Dragonfireœ Red Raider
Ch.Wingate´s Debutante
Wingate´s Merry Mary Ch.Winwardœ Hot Wheels
Mandalays Ruf Tuf Creampuf